We are sorry to announce that because of ongoing issues with orders reaching our EU customers we have had to suspend all orders to the EU until further notice. We apologise to all our European customers and we hope that this will be resolved soon. 

Our 2021 Collection

We are so excited to be bringing you our new range of Planners and Productivity tools for 2021. There many new additions to our range as well as some beautiful new designs that we know you are just going to love. 

Business Planners

Every detail of NM Manager has been designed with network marketers in mind. We have included many unique features that will not just help you organise your business and personal life, but set you on a path of planning and goal setting that will push your success to a new level.

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Family Organisers

Our family planner is here to take the stress out of your day. It is a diary and a personal organiser all rolled into one. Whilst it focuses on time management, activities for the children, ideas for holidays and budgeting & Christmas, it also focuses on you the parent!

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The Accessories

Every stationery lover enjoys an accessory to complete their collection. This 2021 we have an incredible line up of products that will enhance your planning, boost your productivity and keep you on track, all whilst looking beautiful and of great quality.

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Business Notebook Collection

Perfect Planner Company bring you this stunning trio of notebooks designed to help you enhance your online business, your personal development and learning. These three notebooks help you to keep track of many of the important aspects to your business and most importantly keep everything in one place!


We know when running a business how crucial it is to work on your mindset and to trust and believe in yourself. 


Keep your training notes from every webinar, zoom call, podcast and meeting in one handy place.


Journalling is a great way to explore your thoughts and feelings related to the events of your life.


24.6cm high, 19cm wide, 0.8 cm thick. About the size of an iPad.
100 Pages in each book. 


Luke Hanlon
Herbalife Team Leader

In 2020 my upline and mentor showed me his business planner so I decided to get myself one, success leaves clues! I’ve always had a traditional diary but being in network marketing you need more structure & organisation than a conventional diary. Since using the planner for 2020, I managed to double the growth of business and level up too. I have now since started sharing the planner with my team because I know what can happen if it’s used. I’m excited for their growth & the future ahead!

Thanks so much Monique & the Perfect Planner team!

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Plant Based Meal Planner

Plan your plant based meals for the week with this super handy A4 Wirobound meal planner. If you are serious about eating natural, healthy and nutritious meals then this planner is the perfect way to keep track of your daily consumption and making sure that you are getting as much nutritious food as possible every day.


Includes a planner for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as your in-between snacks and your all important exercise. Also includes a water intake tracker.

Daily Consumption

This unique tracker allows you to monitor your intake of many of the foods that have been proven to be super nutritious and beneficial for your health.

Shopping List

Just snap a photo on your phone and take with you next time you go to the shops.

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In The Freezer

Perfect for keeping track of all those meals you have in the freezer from left overs or your batch cooking.

About Us 

Meet Monique
founder of
Perfect Planner Company

Hi, welcome to Perfect Planner Company. Thank you so much for stopping by our website. We are the perfect company for all your organisational stationery needs. We are very excited to be bringing you our brand new collection for 2020/21 of planners, desk pads and other amazing products. All designed to get you structured and on track with your business and family life. Have a look around. 

Love Monique


Plan For Success Society

Where Time Is Well Spent

Would you like to make 2021 your best year yet? Would you like to start the new year with a clear strategy, clarity on your goals and a plan to put into ACTION! Think of the ‘Plan for Success Society’ as your virtual accountability partner, your cheerleader and your mentor!

Our exclusive membership will not only help you to put that plan in place but with me by your side I will make sure you take action! With quarterly business strategy workshops, monthly accountability calls and some rather lovely extras, you will get the work done and therefore be able to smash your goals and live the life you are dreaming of!



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

More than just a planner, this beautiful book contains everything needed to stay on top of life as a parent. With meal plans, monthly calendars, daily note sections, goals for the month, budget sections and even a gratitude mood board which is ridiculously fabulous this, planner could not offer you more.


Motherhood Madhouse

I’m a self confessed planner Snob. I was so delighted to find a planner that covers all aspects of my business. My planner has been a godsend throughout covid, it has kept me on track even when I suffered with the loss of a sibling. If you are looking for a planner that works this is it. I have sold more, promoted more and sponsored more since consistently using this planner. I asbsolutely love it!

Zan Langran

Exemplary Pink Status presenter

I literally love everything I receive from The Perfect Planner Company. My first delivery arrived beautifully packaged today! This is my perfect parent planner to go with my Network Marketing planner. I can not wait to sit and read through it properly- it’s so pretty, and well played out! Perfect colours too.

Caroline Palmer

Mum & Network Marketer


Network Marketing Manager

Dated Business Planner

Network Marketing Manager is the ultimate planner for anyone in the Network Marketing and Direct Selling Industry. This beautiful hard back, 12 month 2021 diary covers everything you need to run and organise your business and home life.


We know that goal setting is a key element to any successful business. They give you focus and a manageable structure to work towards what is important to you.


We have made it easy to track all aspects of your business, including your customers, your prospects, finances and social media.


The design of the main diary pages has been carefully thought out to maximise space for your appointments, giving equal importance to every day of the week.


Social Media plays a huge role in your business. We have included sections to get your social media content created and organised. 


We are proud to have collaborated with and designed bespoke products for some of the worlds most established direct selling companies. 


Network Marketing Manager Lite

Undated – 6 Month Business Planner

INTRODUCING this autumn, our brand new NM Manager Lite. It is the perfect solution for those of you that want something lighter in your bag and the flexibility of starting your planner whenever you want, all whilst keeping the fantastic features of the NM Manager Planners.


Start your planner whenever suits you.

Lite in Your Bag

Lite and thinner in your bag.

Two Beautiful Designs

Choose between the Classic Grey or the lush Blush Pink.

Proven and Tested Design

Proven to increase your productivity & buiness growth. 

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Family Organisers

Perfect Parent Planner

Perfect Parent Planner is here to take the stress out of your day, making sure that it runs as smoothly as possible. It is a diary and a personal organiser all rolled into one. Whilst it focuses on time management, activities for the children, ideas for holidays and budgeting and Christmas, it also focuses on you the parent!

Family Finances

Never miss another bill or renewal. Your finance trackers are her to help. 


Childcare planning is crucial and one that you don’t want to get wrong. Get it organised. 

Christmas Preparations

All that Christmas planning made easy. Your guests, gifts and cards, it’s all here.  

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Holiday Planning

Plan for that special holiday that you so deserve. Get that holiday shopping list going.

Our Accessories

Every stationery lover enjoys an accessory to complete their collection. This 2021 we have an incredible line up of products that will enhance your planning, boost your productivity and keep you on track, all whilst looking beautiful and of great quality.

Desk Planners

Meal Planners, To Do Lists, Productivity pads. We have everything you need to keep organised.

Wall Planners

A great way to see an overview of your plans and schedule. Check out our selection. 

Social Media Planners

Social Media is such a big part of business. Get your posts ans stories planned out. 

Business Trackers

Track every element of your business however big or small. 

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Our Planet

Our Products & the Environment

Perfect Planner Company is truly committed to reduce the environmental impact of our products and packaging as much as we possibly can. Wherever possible we use recyclable or biodegradable materials in our products and packaging, even if this is a more expensive option. We think this is more important now than ever before and we ask of you to please dispose of any of our products in a responsible way and recycle where you can.

If you have any questions or suggestions in regards to this important matter then please get in touch. We thank you for your assistance in protecting our beautiful planet.