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Here’s how our planners can help YOU! …

Brain Dump

When you have feelings of huge overwhelm and you don’t know what to tackle first, brain dump! Emptying what is in your head onto paper will soon help you to see what is a priority, what is important and what can be left behind!

Habit Tracker

What you do daily will determine your success. Consistent daily action is what will help you to accomplish your goals in the long run. Habits take time to become a natural part of your routine so track yourself daily and over time you will see results.

Time Blocking

By allocating certain amounts of time for particular tasks, it allows you to focus on the job in hand with a clear purpose whilst eliminating distractions. When planning your week look at what you have to do and block out sections of time to accomplish your tasks.

Work Life Balance

As hard as it may be to fit everything in you have to take time out for yourself. Do something other than work, be it quality family time, exercise or out socialising with friends. Be kind to yourself and set aside time at least once a week just for you!

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Monique Sveinsson

Meet our Founder …

I’m Monique CEO and Founder of Perfect Planner Company. I am a mum of two, business owner and planning expert who like everyone, struggles to balance the many aspects of our lives.

We are the planning and organisation experts for the time-poor entrepreneur and busy parent. We inspire our customers around the world to set and achieve their goals with our empowering community and award-winning planners, notebooks and journals.