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Plan for the time you have not for the time you wish you had! Let me show you how …

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning your business, life and home?

I understand what it’s like to constantly feel busy but this can lead to burn out very quickly! Believe me, I’m talking from experience. However, being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive. I can teach you how to be productive and get things done without burning out!

A goal without a plan is just a wish …

Do you have goals and ambitions you are burning to achieve yet you just don’t have enough time?

Every goal needs a plan!

Why not allow me to help you work through your goals, your task lists and your daily DMO’s. Let’s map out a plan together that will help you feel more accomplished, structured and safe in the knowledge that you can fit everything in!

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Corporate Clients

My career in the Corporate Events industry allowed me to make my passion of planning and organisation a profession. I had the opportunity of working with some of the biggest names in business …

Client Testimonials

‘Just wanted to remind everyone how awesome Monique is at planning, and what amazing resources she’s provided in the club. Before my shopping channel product launch we had a 121. I’d planned to discuss bigger goals but Monique gently steered me into making an actionable plan for the creation of my product.
We mapped out every step that was needed, and blocked it into my planner. It was so useful as I realised how much there was to do, and how little time around my other business commitments I actually had to get it done. Not only that, but Monique made me think of stuff I hadn’t thought of, that’s the beauty of sharing plans with someone else.
I hadn’t thought of a thank you card, or that I could create and adds a qr code onto it to increase my mailing list. So aside from selling out my product yesterday , here’s a few other things that came from having stuck to a plan, and gotten everything done.
2k visitors to my website yesterday
3 people signed up to my online course after the physical option sold out.
3 people bought 3 month trials of my membership
200 sign ups to my lead magnet e mail list.
Big thanks Monique Sveinsson for guiding me into better goals and plans!
– Claire, 121 Planning session client