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Perfect Planner Company at the BBC

Perfect Planner Company founder Monique was interviewed on the BBC discussing the Parent Planner and Perfect Planner Company. Listen to the full interview here.


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Mummy Blogger – Funning Up My Life

I am the definition of a mess. I am unorganised and forget everything. The last few months, I have started using my iCal (when I remember) and it has helped me be on time on at least two occasions!
The biggest issue, I am not the best at adding the detail. For this, I like to write things down. When the beautiful people at @perfectparentplanner got in touch, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on this beauty!
I have included some of my favourite parts – the priority and to-do lists are my absolute fave!!!
The diary starts with December, so I have already started using it for birthday and Christmas planning.
I am hooked!! The planning and efforts that have gone into this literal perfect planner are incredible. Thank you so much oh, and did I mention the plastic free and sustainable packaging!?!? .

Tanith Steadman Lloyd – Housework & Homework

One very exciting delivery included my @perfectparentplanner. I’m a lover if staying organised and this is perfect. It includes everything from goal setting, financial organisation and childcare plans each month. I can’t wait to start using it. My academic school diary will be getting ditched for this.

Caroline Palmer – Mum & Network Marketer

I literally love everything I receive from The Perfect Planner Company.
My first delivery arrived Beautifully packaged today!!
This is my perfect parent planner to go with my Network Marketing planner.
I cannot wait to sit and read through it properly- it’s so pretty, and well played out! Perfecto colours too.
Monique you’ve pulled it out of the bag again!!! Love it thank you so much
My loves, I don’t know about you but the notes section in my phone is a complete wreck with random things to remember, shopping lists and to-do’s that never get done.
I’ve wanted to get more organised for a while now, and maybe even start feeling like a proper adult. So I am bleeding delighted to work with the lovely ladies over at @perfectparentplanner in the hope of maybe, potentially getting my life together

Katie – Motherhood Madhouse

More than just a planner, this beautiful book contains everything needed to stay on top of life as a parent. With meal plans, monthly calendars, daily note sections, goals for the month, budget sections and even a gratitude mood board which is ridiculously fabulous this planner could not offer you more
Thank you so much @perfectparentplanner, 2020 might be the year this mum finally gets her shit together

Sam Davenport – SO Much More Than a Mum of Four

Even the Queen of mean needs to do her planning even if it’s just to schedule the next time she is going to make a total idiot out of herself to pick the kids up but o guess it’s making memories. Joking aside this planner has already been a life saver for me as I juggle mothering life with 4 kids with 101 things to do. Totally recommend it’s from @perfectparentplanner was it a gift yes was I asked to post no would I have posted if it was rubbish nope. This one takes you from December this year through to the end of 2020 and I will be ordering another one next year. Perfect gift to yourself or to a loved one .

Steph Tyson Mummy Blogger – Under Our Roof

Let’s talk organisation! As a parent I’m ridiculously unorganised. I forget appointments and have to double check the dates over and over again to get them to stick, and now both kids are in clubs and being invited to birthday parties nearly every weekend it really is all on top of me- especially being as pregnant as I am and suffering with baby brain!
I was recently sent the Perfect Parent Planner and it’s safe to say this baby has changed everything. There’s a section for every little thing a parent needs to keep on top of- from family finances, school dates, club dates all the way to party planning and Christmas planning. There are even sections for gratitude and positive goals and affirmations which are wonderful additions for some positivity amongst the chaos of family life.

Rachel Bustin – Mummy Blogger

It’s a beautiful hardback covered planner, with two “don’t lose my place ribbons”, very useful. I couldn’t wait to get started reading through the planner to see what it had to offer that other planners don’t. There are many different planners on the market at the moment, but this one is specific to parents.
I love the planner guide at the front of the planner. If you are stuck what to write in the columns this will help you loads until you find your own way.
The reflections page is ideal if you are a diary writer, to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper.
It’s a very thought out planner and the layout easy to follow through. Lots of space to write down what you need. Its size is about the same as an iPad, so not too big to carry around if you need to.
I’m looking forward to December to start using the planner properly. As someone who is always rushing here there and everywhere, I’m going to use it for a few minutes each day as a bit of me-time. To get everything organised in my blog work and also home life.

Georgie Cook – My Mini Cooks

I’m a sucker for a diary and any excuse to write a list or organise my life (although I hardly ever stick to it ). If you swipe right you will see some of my favourite pages in this planner. .
I’ve been using it to budget and write out who’s getting what from me (I mean santa) for christmas. I also love the section it has at the end of each month where you can look back at what you have achieved and your future goals. Such a great aspect because as a parent we tend to forget to look at what we have achieved and how well we are actually doing.

Rebecca – Mummy to Triplets & Bro

Monique has developed a one stop diary, personal planner and essential companion all rolled into one. It’s like a hard back PA! Life can be so chaotic and Monique’s goal is to help you get organised to keep your home calm, your schedule stress free, and your mind clear, leaving you empowered to get the most out of each day. The attention to detail in this organisational toolbox is amazing, covering every aspect of a busy household from meal planning to finances, and even weekly sections to record how you are going to spend some ‘me time’ and record the things you are grateful for that week. Well you know that I love a bit of mindfulness and positivity to get me in the right frame of mind, so I love the approach of this planner.

Leonie Lodge – Little Mama Loves

I’ve had my 2020 @perfectparentplanner for a few weeks now and with just 6, yes 6 weeks to go until Christmas, i’m loving the December diary pages and Christmas Gift List section. Plus with the small matter of organising someone’s 6th birthday party (), I need to rev my organisation skills up a gear! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? One pressie and a few stocking fillers count right?

Katy Stevens – Lifestyle Blogger

The Perfect Parent Planner is billed as being everything that parents need to get organised for 2020. This is the ultimate planner for tracking life, managing time, activities for the family and much more. There are diary pages, pages to help you plan activities during holidays from school and even a section of Christmas planning!