A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Perfect Planner Company are the planning and organisation experts for the time-poor entrepreneur and busy parent. We inspire our customers around the world with our empowering community and award-winning planners, notebooks and journals.

Hey I’m Monique here, CEO and Founder of Perfect Planner Company

I have been where you are now! I spent 25+ years working in the theatre industry as a stage manager, working long hours and missing crucial time with my family! I am a mum of two girls and the juggle is real! Since leaving my career I have been a network marketer and I am now the CEO of my own business.

Fun Fact: I went for a job as a stage manager and I ended up auditioning and getting the part of Rosie from Rosie and Jim! (Being only 5ft has it’s perks!) – I later declined it and continued my career as a stage manager.

I am here to share real advice and real lessons that I have learned along the way. I will support and guide you on your own journey to success, whatever this looks like to you! I am a planner and organiser by profession and now it’s my turn to share my secrets!

Perfect Planner Company

Our Story …


NM Manager Began …

In August 2017 the very first Classic Grey Edition was released. People were cautious at first, but over the coming months and with a consistent approach we started to wow our customers and despite a few set backs and teething problems we stormed our way into the market and started to become a well-known name.


We became a recognised brand …

By 2018 our popularity and awareness was growing. We were becoming the go to experts for getting Network Marketers organised. In September 2018 we launched three different versions of the 2019 NM Manager Planner and the Special Edition was born.


It was time to grow, big time!

We decided to really up our game for the 2020 editions. We hired a fulfilment house who helped us by shipping all our planners and accessories for us! We gained a living room again!


Perfect Planner Company was born!

In addition to the NM Managers and Accessories we had created, we introduced the ‘Perfect Parent Planner’ to our range. Another beautiful planner but this time it was tailor made to help parents get organised. Our same concept and ethos that our customers knew and loved but tailored to busy parents!


Our biggest product range yet …

For 2021 we introduced the NM Manager Lite to the range, our first undated planner! 2021 was also the year where we merged our two brands and started to operate under the one umbrella of Perfect Planner Company. We also started to get some international corporate clients – we have gone global!


New office space and new team members …

Now things are really stepping up a gear! 2022 was a year of growth for Perfect Planner Company! From a new office space to new team members, new retail opportunities and new clients we are going from strength to strength.


Our vision is to change people’s lives!

Our plans for 2023 are huge! We can’t say too much but what we can tell you is that you need to get ready … new products and new opportunities are coming in 2023!