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The Ultimate Workshop For

To Help You Grow A Thriving and Engaged Facebook Group.

Are you running a facebook group for your Network Marketing business? 

Can you relate to this? You post in there often, but every time you post, tumbleweed?
You wait patiently, hoping that someone will like your post, comment or maybe even start a conversation……tumbleweed!
You post the next day and the next day and still tumbleweed….. then
You stop posting because you’ve not got the response you wanted!
You then get frustrated your Network Marketing business is not working as you wanted….. what next??

If this all sounds familiar then my latest GROW an ENGAGED FACEBOOK GROUP for NETWORK MARKETERS is the workshop for you!

Yes Please!

Growing facebook group in your business is hard, I completely get it! Especially growing an engaged facebook group!

I know how hard it is because I made every mistake out there! I set my group up with little understanding of the purpose of a group and would post in there from time to time desperately hoping it would improve my business and the sales would come flooding in!

Guess what they didn’t! I spent two years battling trying to get the group buzzing but would repeat the same mistakes day in day out, then get bored and leave the group and then start again because I felt
that was the thing to do!

Then this year……

I decided once and for all if I was going to run a facebook group I was going to learn how to do it properly! I wanted a community, a place where my ideal client would hang out and a place where conversation would take place! No more tumbleweed!


From Boring to Booming!

I have learnt some incredible skills this year and one of them is how to grow an engaged and collaborative high energy Facebook group. It has changed my business for the better and now sales are flowing in and the much wanted conversations are happening! Its a cool place to hang out! 

So what will you learn in this workshop?

• How a facebook group really works and how to beat the algorithm
• Understanding the purpose of your group
• When to post
• How to engage with your audience
• How to keep your audience
• The type of content to post
• How to find your ideal client


This two hour interactive workshop will take place on Monday 16th November at 10am.
Get in quick as spaces are limited and this will fill up FAST! If you can’t make it don’t worry a replay will be found in your members area of our website. 

The workshop will be held via zoom and the link will be emailed to you 24 hours prior the the workshop beginning along with your workbook.


Why Work With Me?


Monique Sveinsson

is a productivity & time management specialist, teaching network marketers and small business owners how to effectively manage time whilst learning the fundamental business foundations to grow a profitable business. She has helped thousands of Network Marketers and entrepreneurs across the globe achieve huge business success with her highly successful & impeccably structured Planner ‘Network Marketing Manager’.

With a 25 year career in the theatrical and events industry, Monique’s expertise in organisation has been utilised by leading global brands including Disney, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Previously she worked as a stage manager for some of the most recognised West End shows, such as We Will Rock You, Hairspray and Phantom of the Opera. Monique is an expert at organising huge teams and complex projects, including the stage management and global screening of War Horse into cinemas.

Since launching the Network Marketing Manager planner in 2016, Monique has brought her vast organisational expertise to the small business industry. With a deep passion and mission to help entrepreneurs she uses her unstoppable productivity and planning methods to reduce overwhelm and create a happy, manageable and successful business that fits into family life with ease.

The cost of the workshop is an absolute steal at £19.95