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Business Planners

Our Network Marketing Manager Planners are used by thousands of business owners across the world. It is their number one tools for organising and growing their business. We have created some fantastic new additions this year as well as a totally new look for the inside bringing a cleaner and brighter look for 2021. 

Brand New for 2021

 Also, make sure you check out our brand new Lite edition, an undated, 6 month edition of NM Manager. It is lighter and thinner in design but still has all the incredibel features of our Business Planners.


We are proud to have collaborated with and designed bespoke products for some of the worlds most established direct selling companies. 

Designed by
Network Marketers for Network MarketersTM

Every detail of NM Manager has been designed with network marketers in mind. We have included many unique features that will not just help you organise your business and personal life, but set you on a path of planning and goal setting that will push your success to a new level.


Network Marketing Manager Business Planner
in Three Beautiful Designs

We are so excited to be introducing a totally redesigned look for 2021. Our Classic is now in a soft grey for a timeless, elegant look. Our ever popular pink has some added white tones and is now called Blush Pink. Our Special Edition for 2021 is just stunning with a striking, tropical look and a clean white feel. Which one will you choose?!

Classic Grey

This is our brand new classic planner. It has a clean and stylish design in a timeless soft grey colour.

Special Edition

The Special Edition planner has been designed especially for 2021. Beautiful & exotic look with clean white base.

Blush Pink

Our Blush Pink is still our most popular design and has had some tweeks for an even more stylish look. 

Have A Look Inside

Have a closer look at the inside pages of the 2021 NM Manager Planner. This flip through video shows you every page in the planner but without any repeat pages. It is dated from January 2021 to January 2022.

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The Brand New Lite
Undated Planner

INTRODUCING this autumn, our brand new NM Manager Lite. It is the perfect solution for those of you that want something lighter in your bag and the flexibility of starting your planner whenever you want, all whilst keeping the fantastic features of the NM Manager Planners.

Two Attractive Designs

This undated, 6 month planner is the perfect tool for planning and organising your business, your home life and your personal life. 

Available in two beautiful designs, Classic Grey & Blush Pink. Remember you can start using your planner now! Get your LITE today! (Ships mid October)


Have A Look Inside The Lite

Have a look inside the new Lite Planner in this flip through video. Check out this perfect tool for planning and organising your business, your home life and your personal life. 

The undated structure of the planner has two sections: 
1) Your pre & post month planning pages and
2) Your Weekly Diary Pages. 
You can move easily between the sections with the two handy bookmark ribbons. 

Please note that the Video does not show any repeated pages in planner. There are 6 sections of the Pre & Post Monthly pages and 27 Weekly Diary pages.

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Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

Can’t live without this planner! I originally bought a different planner that someone recommended but it wasn’t fit for purpose. If you’re in MLM you literally NEED THIS planner! I love the weekly view with spaces for volume and retail goals, meal planner, mindset plus daily and weekly to do section and product focus/social media posts. This is the best money I’ve spent this year!

Customer Review

February 2019

I literally love everything I receive from The Perfect Planner Company. My first delivery arrived Beautifully packaged today!! This is my perfect parent planner to go with my Network Marketing planner.
I cannot wait to sit and read through it properly- it’s so pretty, and well played out! 

Monique you’ve pulled it out of the bag again!!!
Love it thank you so much. 

Facebook Review

January 2020

A few weeks into this diary and it’s improved my daily habits endlessly. I’ve got a clearer focus with my businesses and can plan ahead better after reflecting on previous months, keep track of customers which helps retention and even helps my personal development thanks to the gratitude sections.
I absolutely love this diary and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to level up their lives and network marketing business.

Customer Review

February 2020

Why You Need Network Marketing Manager

Here is an overview of some of the many sections that make this planner an invaluable tool for any business owner. 

Goal Setting

We know that goal setting is a key element to any successful business. Your goals are at the heart of this planner giving you focus and a manageable structure to work towards what is important to you.

Time Management

The design of the main diary pages has been carefully thought out to maximise space for your appointments, giving equal importance to every day of the week.

Business trackers

We have made it easy to track all aspects of your business, including your customers, your prospects, finances and social media. These features alone will transform your business.