Our Productivity Accessories

Every stationery lover enjoys an accessory to complete their collection. This 2021 we have an incredible line up of products that will enhance your planning, boost your productivity and keep you on track, all whilst looking beautiful and of great quality.

Desk Planners

Meal Planner

Plan your meals to perfection with this A4 Tear Away pad.

To Do List

Get super productive with our lovely To Do list tear away pad and get those tasks ticked off!

Daily Productivity Planner

Our Daily Productivity Planner is a great way to see an overview of your busy day! If you need something to help your track habits and your time, this is a great tool to do just that! Track your appointments, daily tasks, plan your meals and even track your water intake.

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Social  Media Planner

Where would we be in our business without Social Media? We rely on it so heavily now so planning your content is an integral part of your business. This beautiful A4 spiral-bound social media content planner helps you to plan all your content from weekly topics to lives and from awareness days to advertising! Don’t let a badly planned social media strategy let you down.

Prospect Tracker

Collate and track all your prospects details for your business. Keep track of when your prospects and customers need to be contacted. Never miss a repeat order or that follow up again. In a beautiful spiral bound A4 pad you can keep this handy with your planner on stay completely on top of your business.


Business Strategy Wall Planner

When planning your business you need a strategy! If you go through each month with no clear direction it will take you much longer to achieve your goals! Place this pretty wall planner where you can see it and map out each month in your business! It will change the way you work your business!

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Some Other Fabulous Accessories

Our accessory range is ever expanding. Make sure you have a look in our shop. There is something for everyone…

Summer Adventure Wall Planner

Get super organised and excited about the summer break. A beautiful and vibrant looking wall planner to plan your summer holiday activities. 

Planner Portfolio

Keep your planner in prestine condition througout the year with this portfolio. It also holds an ipad perfectly, and your phone of course. 


Check out some of our lovely stationary products. We have a pencil collection, pens and more..

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