About Us

About the perfect planner company team

Monique and Agust are a husband and wife team of two successful professionals. As parents of two young children and careers that weren’t particularly conventional, time management and planning had to be at the forefront of everything that they did.

Agust is a professional Musician of 30 years working with celebrities such as Michael Ball, Jason Donovan and Louise Rednapp.
Monique has had a twenty five year career in the theatre and events industry as a stage manager organising large scale West End shows such as We Will Rock You, Hairspray, High School Musical and War Horse and has worked with large corporate firms such as LinkedIn, Disney, Google, You Tube and Facebook.

Being professional organisers and planners Monique & Agust felt they needed to bring a certain level of structure into the home and find the ‘perfect’ solution to be able to juggle their careers and busy family lives.
Whilst on maternity leave, Monique discovered the world of entrepreneurship and started working an online business as a way to make some extra money whilst taking some time off with her daughter.

She soon discovered the lack of the perfect planner for this industry. Taking all that she had learnt over the years as an expert planner she and her husband set about to create a diary and planner for entrepreneurs that would help them get structured and productive in their business.

Perfect planner Company

A Brief History

The Beginning

Perfect Planner company began back in 2016 when we first started the very early creation of the ‘Network Marketing Manager’.

“I was a Network Marketer myself and desperate for something that contained everything I needed so I could perform adequately in my business. I needed something to help me juggle business, life and my home!”

In August 2017 the very first Classic Grey Edition was released. People were cautious at first, what was this? Who are these people! But over the coming months and with a consistent approach we started to wow our customers and despite a few set backs and teething problems we stormed our way into the market and started to become a well known name.

The Expansion

By 2018 our popularity and awareness was growing and we started to get known across the world. We were becoming the go to experts for getting Network Marketers organised. In September 2018 we launched three different versions of the 2019 NM Manager Planner and the Special Edition was born.

The new cover reveals and special editions are still surprising our customers today! We were still relatively small in terms of quantity and we remember that year losing our living room as we packed several thousand planners! My family enjoyed that Christmas!

The Range Grows

We decided to really up our game for the 2020 editions. We hired a fulfilment house who helped us by shipping all our planners and accessories for us! We gained a living room again! In addition to the NM Managers and Accessories we had created, we introduced the ‘Perfect Parent Planner’ to our range. another beautiful planner to help parents get organised. Still the same vibe that our customers knew and loved but tailored to overwhelmed mums and dads!

Where we are today

This year we are proud to introduce the NM Manager Lite to the range! We have now merged our two brands and operate under the one umbrella of Perfect Planner Company. We are proud to have collaborated with two Network Marketing Companies who use our planners exclusively and things are just getting better and better.