Getting Through the Easter Holidays – Despite the Dreaded Virus!

Getting Through the Easter Holidays – Despite the Dreaded Virus!

Here we are into our third week of #lockdown and we are in the full throws of the Easter Break. For many, of us we may have been jetting off to warmer climates and for many we would have been having the perfect Easter break with family and friends all sat together eating fabulous food and consuming our own body weight in chocolate. Unfortunately this year is so very different, nothing in the slightest like we were expecting. Instead we are all in this incredibly unusual situation where we are told to stay at home until the dreaded Covid-19 has left us.

When I first started hearing about the disease, like many I didn’t take it seriously at all. I just assumed it would pass quickly and it certainly wouldn’t impact our lives in the way that it has. But as time went on and I realised the gravity of the situation I got ready to batten down the hatches and ‘do my bit’ to stop the disease spreading. I had no choice but to embrace home life, home education and a very different way of living. At first I was very scared, and on my daughters last day at school in March I had a breakdown at the school gates and my emotions just took over. It had been a culmination of lost work, lost money, lost clients and now not only was it affecting mine and my husband lives but now it had seriously impacted my children’s lives and the sadness took over! What happened over the next couple of weeks was an acceptance that this was going to be our “new normal” for the next few months and I had no choice but to fall or embrace it and actually cherish the forced time at home and slow the hell down. I chose the later.

Like many I threw myself into home education full gusto on week one and very quickly realised I’m no teacher and home schooling is tough. Still, being the chief organiser and planner that I am I created a fabulous little home planner e-book that worked for me and my family. It is a free resource and you are more than welcome to download if you think it will help you at

What is crucial in all of this is to find the balance and discover what works for you and your family. You may still be working and unable to watch your children 24/7, you may have to pop them in front of the TV while you take a call. You may need to agree to your child having a 6 hour stint on the x box just so you can get things done, whatever works for you is just fine because none of this is normal, none of this is under our control and we have to just do what gets us through.

So as Easter approaches this week and where we can genuinely forget about being teacher, lets look at some fun, family friendly non schooly activities we can do with our children of all ages all from the comforts of our homes or on our daily walk or exercise. It’s time to chill, enjoy the sunshine that we have and spend some time getting to really know and enjoy our little people. Here our our Top Ten Home Holiday Hacks…..

1/ As a lover of all things theatre and musicals I couldn’t resit but to throw this into my Top 10. Going to the theatre can be expensive and a real treat so enjoy the @Youtube channel by Andrew Lloyd Webber The Show Must Go On. Every Friday night at 7pm he is showing one of his musicals for free. This Good Friday is the perfectly timed ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ staring Tim Minchin and Melanie C. I saw this production at the 02 and it was brilliant. Put on your glad rags and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

2/ If you are a lover of museums are offering virtual tours of their top10 museums including the UK’s British Museum. This is fantastic for kids of all ages. Get yourself ready to head into London and take a leisurely stroll around this iconic museum.

3/ Jet off to Orlando at and enjoy a fantastic day or two at some of the famous theme parks and zoo’s including Seaworld and Legoland. You can take a virtual tours and even ride the roller coasters.

If you love all things animal you can tune into the Facebook page at Gatorland and see their 10am (US time) School of Croc show. It’s really good fun to see the keepers having fun with all the alligators. In the afternoon, their YouTube channel shares live-action encounters with animals including Burmese pythons, crocodiles, alligators and monitor lizards.You can also tune into various lives from the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens facebook page.

There are so many things to do on these pages they will keep your little ones amused for hours!

4/ Who loves Dolly Parton? Head to her website where she will be reading every Thursday at 7pm children’s books. She has her own dedicated book donation service and she will be choosing various books to read.

5/ If you are a fan of Karaoke then head to the well known chain and you can bring the karaoke bar to you at home. With over 900 songs available you can have so much fun with the whole family. You can get a 14 day free trial and then it is £6.99 per month with no obligation to continue for any period of time.

6/ Easter is a time where we think about visiting the farms and when we can watch the gorgeous little lambs being born. @wroxhambarns farm you can see Facebook lives each day on the farm. Visit the Alpacas, Donkeys, Sheep and Pigs. You may even get to see a lamb being born. Cute.

7/ It wouldn’t be right not to mention our most favourite TV streaming service. It has already been a huge life saver for us and the kids love it. Disney + has just launched their newest service. With new films on there such as Aladdin, Lion King, Lady & the Tramp your kids will never be bored! For £5.99 per month it’s well worth it.

8/ Again going back to the theatre, we love that the beautiful Shakespeare Globe Theatre is streaming shows over on their You Tube Channel. You can all watch shows such as Midsummer Nights Dream, Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet all for free.

9/ If you love all things Space then the wonderful team at Kennedy Space Center are giving various facebook lives and talks through out the weeks. Not only is it fantastic education for all ages but loads of fun too. Their facebook page can be found at

10/ Finally in our @perfectparentplanner we have a list of many free activities such as make up a dance, put on a show, paint some pebbles, craft activities, play board games, read stories, baking, lego, make ice lollies and so much more!

With love and strength over this unusual time.

Monique. x

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